Sowing Courgette and Dill




I’m embarking on an exciting adventure of growing some delicious vegetables! I’ve sown Courgette ‘Black Beauty’ and Dill seeds into pots, as well as Cineraria ‘Maritima Silverdust’ which is actively sprouting. Soon enough, French Bean ‘Blue Lake’ will be added to the mix – a variety that has been successful for me in years past and should hopefully reward with loads of succulent harvests once again! To ensure vibrant growth ready for planting outdoors, plants need to get used to living conditions by being “hardened off”, or going through days outside before coming back inside at night. With netting I have lying around they’ll stay cozy while adjusting perfectly out there so we can look forward eating home grown food soon!

Trying to fill my windowsills with Spider Plants, I stumbled upon a nasty surprise: Scale insects had infiltrated the foliage. In order to save other plants in my collection from infestation and keep these ‘Chlorophytum Comosum’ safe too, I took decisive action – hot soapy water (and some Dettol spray) cleared out this unfortunate pocket of critters! The surviving Spiders were evicted onto the front porch where they can bask – sans scale insects – till springtime blossoms again.

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