Tulips Dicentra and the Wallflowers




Erysimum (wallflower)

Glorious spring has arrived! The lengthening days and abundant sunshine coax us outdoors, where our gardens are bursting with the vibrant colors of blooming bulbs planted in previous years. Red, purple, yellow, orange and cream; composed petals taking flight to reach for sunbeams far above. A welcoming invitation is extended to buzzing bees who seek pollen from my garden’s varied palette – sure to find more than enough on their buzzing travels!

Bleeding Hearts

After rescuing this delicate beauty from the discount section of my local garden centre, I’m delighted to say that the Dicentra Spectabilis ‘Bleeding Heart’ is now flourishing in its spot on my patio. As a herbaceous perennial it’s been treated to an incredible show twice-yearly; first appearing with graceful rows of pinky-red heart shaped blooms each Spring, and then dying back just before Winter returns. From indoors or out there can be no doubt that this unique plant has brought life and colour into our corner of nature!


After yearning for a vibrant green wall of foliage and flowers, I eventually found success last summer when I bought a bundle of Wallflowers from the local market. The hot season proved difficult and the display amounted to nothingness; yet here we are now with blooms in both golden yellow or deep red adorning my garden! This resounding success calls for more plants which will be expertly potted on soon enough – even if it means finding some new square pots first. Thanks so much for joining me in this horticultural adventure, friends; happy gardening indeed!

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