Daylily and Snail Attack




This year, Hemerocallis Bonanza daylilies are thriving like never before! Blooming with vibrant colors and fragrances to savor, these popular plants have become a special highlight of the season.

Daylilies are a vibrant species of perennial flowering plants that bring beauty and colour to gardens all over the world. Native to Eurasia, they have naturalized in many other regions, with their large trumpet-shaped flowers blooming in shades from bright yellow and orange to deep pink and purple.

This season, the garden has been transformed into a blooming beacon of golden-hued beauty! The lilies have opened their petals in response to the sun’s rays and seem determined to outdo last year – when we only managed three flowers. It is no wonder that this bumper crop came about; after all my labor with composting combined with adequate rain showers followed by pleasant warmth made for perfect conditions for growth. What an inspiring sight these majestic buds make!

Snails continue their attack

This summer, the garden is aglow with vibrant lilies that open and close in time with the sun. After just managing only three of these exquisite flowers last year, this season has yielded a stunning tenfold more! Thanks to ample rain followed by warm temperatures as well as some TLC through composting around their roots – not to mention countless hours dedicated to cultivating them – we can now bask in an impressive hedge-like row of gold and yellow hues that create such captivating beauty … if only for two days before they wither away.

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