Sweet Peppers and Baby Spiders





With the arrival of March came a surge in energy that had me ready to hit the garden! Sowing and potting on my beloved Spider Plans for patio pots and hanging baskets was definitely at the top of mind.

Known as one of nature’s hardiest houseplants, these little guys are undemanding making them perfect additions both indoors or out with their preference for bright indirect light but also tolerating lower temperatures between 60-75F (15-24C). So if you’re looking an effortless way to bring some life into your space – try bringing in Spider Plants!

Spider Plants in the Garden

With its eye-catching foliage, Chlorophytum Comosum – commonly known as the Spider Plant – can make for an excellent companion plant in pots. I often find myself harvesting baby plants from my houseplants to keep them going outdoors each summer; bringing them indoors before frost has a chance to ruin their delicate nature is part of the process!

After giving these babies enough time to develop roots and gain some size, they are finally ready when it’s time cut their “umbilical cord” and nestle into fresh compost. Of course, that won’t be long until vigorous new growth appears on your little saplings providing you with beautiful free plants which will truly enhance any flower beds come summertime thanks vibrant leaf hues and shapes.

Last year, I set out to grow my own peppers for a tastier stir-fry experience than the store-bought variety. Armed with some old ‘Friggitello’ and new ‘Colour Spectrum’ seeds, I held high hopes of colourful feasts ahead – orange, yellow or red/green long ones that looked like chilli but without the heat! Unfortunately though, fierce winds flattened my plants before they could yield any fruits; only half a dozen were salvaged in total. With another sowing season upon us though comes renewed optimism – perhaps this time will see an abundance of peppers that become part of many delicious meals!

Gardening enthusiasts, take note! It’s time to see if those Friggitello pepper seeds will sprout. But even the most experienced gardeners must admit that growing peppers without a greenhouse is no small feat – what secrets are held by these green-thumbed growers? Unveil your best techniques and let’s get planting!

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