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  • How To Grow Cosmos From Seed

    How To Grow Cosmos From Seed

    The beauty of the cosmos is that it can fill any space with its vibrant colours and unique petals. Growing these extraordinary flowers from seed brings a special kind of satisfaction as if nurturing them provides an opportunity to connect with the natural world in which we all belong. As horticultural experts, let us share…

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  • How to grow sweet peas

    How to grow sweet peas

    Are you looking for a way to add some life and colour to your garden? Sweet peas are the perfect flowering plant to do just that. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are also easy to grow! In this article, we’ll show you how to get started growing these delightful flowers. From soil…

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  • Minibels – First Crop of Tomatoes

    Minibels – First Crop of Tomatoes

    After months of battling the elements, I finally harvested my first Tomato ‘Minibel’. It took unrelenting sunshine and gusts of wind to push these plants out horizontal in their pots – a feat which did not stop them from producing bright green tomatoes! The effort paid off as I successfully picked three full specimens before…

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  • Tulips Dicentra and the Wallflowers

    Tulips Dicentra and the Wallflowers

    Glorious spring has arrived! The lengthening days and abundant sunshine coax us outdoors, where our gardens are bursting with the vibrant colors of blooming bulbs planted in previous years. Red, purple, yellow, orange and cream; composed petals taking flight to reach for sunbeams far above. A welcoming invitation is extended to buzzing bees who seek…

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  • Sweet Peppers and Baby Spiders

    Sweet Peppers and Baby Spiders

    With the arrival of March came a surge in energy that had me ready to hit the garden! Sowing and potting on my beloved Spider Plans for patio pots and hanging baskets was definitely at the top of mind. Known as one of nature’s hardiest houseplants, these little guys are undemanding making them perfect additions…

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  • Sow here we go!

    Sow here we go!

    With winter slowly loosening its grip, I’ve been eager to hit the garden and get ready for spring. From weeding without a care in the world to throwing in some nutrient-rich soil, my 2019 sowing season is officially off and running! Let’s see how bountiful this year will be… Sowing outdoors Planting season is in…

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