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  • Minibels – First Crop of Tomatoes

    Minibels – First Crop of Tomatoes

    After months of battling the elements, I finally harvested my first Tomato ‘Minibel’. It took unrelenting sunshine and gusts of wind to push these plants out horizontal in their pots – a feat which did not stop them from producing bright green tomatoes! The effort paid off as I successfully picked three full specimens before…

  • Bare Root Strawberry Plants

    Bare Root Strawberry Plants

    In a daring move, I took the plunge two months ago and purchased three risky bare-root strawberries from Wilko. After watching numerous Youtube videos extolling their ease of growth potential, taking this chance seemed like an opportunity not to be missed! After wishing and hoping for two months, my dreams were left unfulfilled. Three seemingly…

  • Strawberry Picking Plus Other Jobs

    Strawberry Picking Plus Other Jobs

    Picking those first plump and juicy strawberries is a sign that summer has truly arrived. The excitement of wandering through the rows of strawberry plants, searching for the perfect berry, is incomparable. It’s the sweetest treasure hunt you’ll experience all year. And when you take that first bite, it’s like tasting sunshine itself. But picking…