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Sweet peas are flourishing on windowsills across the land, but it’s time to put an end to their growth spurt. At any moment, one will have to confront these green giants and wield a sharp knife in order for them not go overboard!

I’m a bit of an oddity in the garden world- I do my best to make sure that things don’t grow too quickly. Back in January, I sowed some Unwins Sweet Pea ‘Cupani’ seeds into my propagator and by now they could have reached several feet high if left unchecked! Fortunately for them though, at least one person is looking out for their wellbeing – me; nipping those buds before they take off…

By removing some of your sweet peas, you can help the rest to thrive and flourish – making them stronger than ever before. It’s especially vital if you’re worried about an aphid invasion like mine experienced last year!

To grow a strong plant, wait for four tiers of leaves to appear and then pinch off the stem after two levels. This ensures that growth is encouraged from low down on your leafy friend – building up strength in both its root system and stems. It’ll be healthier overall as it can access more nutrients throughout the soils!

After a few frosty days, the sweet peas are almost ready to begin their outdoor journey! I’m taking every precaution by gradually introducing them to the new environment and allowing for some proper acclimatization. Keeping an eye on them throughout this process with careful day trips outside followed by cozy nights indoors until they’re truly prepared for planting out will hopefully ensure blooming success!

Even with the recent warm weather, I wasn’t sure if my garden would attract any of its magical miniature inhabitants. But nature has already graced me with delightful Ladybirds and a hopeful promise that soon Hoverflies will come when I plant Nasturtiums; they’ll be able to feast on an abundance of aphids!

Looking to give your garden a burst of color? Check out the National Sweet Pea Society for information on growing and caring for a myriad of vibrant varieties!

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