Pinching Out The Sweet Peas




After a few weeks of waiting, my patience has been rewarded: the sweet pea seedlings have arrived. Nine Royal Mixed and seven Cupani plants are already sprouting – their leaves unfurling like tiny green flags in celebration! With luck, more may join them soon; however I’m sure these eager Royal Mixtures will keep on growing with enthusiasm regardless.

These Sweet Peas are growing impressively long – a whopping 22cm! To ensure they don’t become too leggy and straggly, I need to give them some special attention: ‘pinching out’ will help prevent this.

Sweet Pea plants can reach for the stars – or at least they would if given a chance! Until our Sweet Peas are strong enough to brave the great outdoors, some extra TLC in form of ‘pinching out’ their top growth buds will encourage them to create even more robust and luscious side shoots.

Taking a little more time with the plants will help them become stronger and create additional stems, leading to an abundance of blooms. A slower growth period results in beautiful rewards!

For experienced green thumbs, sweet pea cultivation is a time-honored staple. But for those just starting to explore the world of gardening or new to growing this delightful species specifically, Thompson and Morgan has an invaluable guide absolutely brimming with helpful tips.

The garden is a cheerful affair this time of year, with the tulips bringing lively colour and variety to the space. My Triumph bulbs bloomed for the first time ever in December – adding deep shades of red and purple among lighter lilacs and peaches. What a splendid sight!

After the greenhouse was bursting with activity and overflowing containers, we’ve settled back down to just one propagator. The windowsills still carry reminders of our abundant growth – creaking under the weight of beloved pots and trays.

As the beautiful sun beams down, bringing life and joy in its wake, I can hear nature’s symphony all around me – birds sweetly chirping outside my window while a neighbor cuts their grass. A perfect weekend for gardening! Enjoy it with gratitude.

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