Courgettes On The Way





After a race against the clock to get them planted out, I’m overjoyed that my Courgette ‘Black Beauty’ plants are thriving! Their beautiful blossoms have started turning into actual courgettes – an exciting reminder of their delicious potential.

With just a bit of warmth and moisture, the courgette blossoms will burst into bloom with succulent fruits waiting to be harvested.

As this tiny courgette sprouts and grows, it marks the start of a new culinary experience. The promise of being able to harvest my very own produce sends anticipation creeping through me; soon I will enjoy something fresh from my garden!

With a delicate flavor, courgette flowers are definitely something special! Although I’m tempted to indulge in this delicacy, today I chose the alternative and bought lots of delicious courgettes for my kitchen – most likely enough to last me through the season.

Have you ever considered that ants could be the secret weapon of pest control in your garden? Recent observations suggest this may actually be true! A courgette plant with a nearby ant colony was observed to have fewer blackfly than its counterparts, and upon inspection it turns out these industrious little creatures had formed an alliance with one another – their food source providing protection from other predators. Although washing them away is possible at first, soon enough they’ll march right back seeking sustenance for themselves and potentially damaging the plants in question as well…

In a determined search for an effective deterrent against unwanted visitors, I stumbled upon two companion plants – Marigolds and Chives. After making my way to the local Tesco store, I was shocked to find their bedding plants in horrible conditions; too much water had them drowning, lack of it made them bake up like cookies within minutes! Having managed to unearth twelve sad-looking Orange French Marigold seedlings from among those that were shoved recklessly into trolleys with far too many shelves – all reduced down at an unbelievable price tag of £2 no less – led me on course towards growing these resilient little beauties yet again after failed earlier attempts using seeds.

After arriving home, I set out to spruce up the garden by planting a selection of plants near our courgettes and Tomato Minibel. Little did we know that these additions would also bring with them some unwelcome visitors – blackfly!

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