Tulips in the Wind




Despite the fact that I’ve been busy doing a plethora of activities this year, my plants have not forgotten me. The ‘merry crusade’ has already begun with my most recent sowing of new seeds and bulbs in the garden. Although there are no ‘new faces’ just yet, I’ve caught sight of vibrant blooms from Tulip ‘Negrita’, Broom ‘Cytisus Scoparius’, Forsythia shrubs and even two-year old Cineraria — a splashy mixture amongs all green hues! With these colourful additions to an otherwise calm palette, it’s definitely looking like Spring is here at last.

I decided to try my luck with French Bean ‘Blue Lake’ once again, and I’m thrilled that it’s consistently providing me a delicious harvest of fresh green beans!

Joining the unlikely survivors of my garden is Sweet Pea ‘Floral Tribute Mixed.’ These resilient blooms have thwarted slim odds stacked against them – from hungry slugs and snails to relentless wind and sun. In spite of these challenges, they have managed to bloom bright with beauty; a true testament to nature’s resilience!

I planted the Nasturtium ‘Jewel Mix’ today – a charming flower beloved by hoverflies and all too sadly, caterpillars. This mix of cheerful petals is sure to keep hungry aphids away from my precious roses and sweet peas! To top off this green-fingered task I also sowed some Parsley ‘Laura’ in pots on my windowsill; not only nutritious but delicious served with eggs…of which I am rather partial to having. With one last watering done, it’s now just down Mum Nature if these plants will thrive or dry out come harvest time.

Despite harsh weather and unwelcome intruders, last year’s Aubrieta ‘Cheeky Mix’ managed to survive all obstacles — now the vibrant blooms are ready for their next challenge: conquering your garden!

Despite my best efforts to protect the Hollyhock ‘Single Mixed’ I had purchased, slugs and snails were able to stealthily scale nearby pots in an attempt get it. The furry stems that made me think this plant was exempt from their menu clearly wasn’t enough! Meetings between us must commence now before any further damage is done – so here’s hoping for a diplomatic end resolution.

My neighbour’s bold move to trim back a giant tree in her garden has truly opened up the space with an inviting flood of sunlight. But, it may also expose the property to more windy conditions – will this be beneficial or potentially damaging? All is yet to be seen as we wait and watch how my neighbour’s daring decision turns out!

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