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  • Transplanting seedlings, pricking out

    Pricking out time (Swiss Chard and Sweet Sultan seedlings)

    Amidst the warming sun of spring, my garden is eagerly anticipating summer’s blossoming. To keep up with its anticipation, I have filled every window sill in sight with trays full of young seedlings – a foreshadowing of late May when they will be planted into their beautiful beds outdoors! What is Pricking Out? Gardeners carefully…

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  • Close up of bare root strawberry plant

    Bare Root Strawberry Plants

    In a daring move, I took the plunge two months ago and purchased three risky bare-root strawberries from Wilko. After watching numerous Youtube videos extolling their ease of growth potential, taking this chance seemed like an opportunity not to be missed! After wishing and hoping for two months, my dreams were left unfulfilled. Three seemingly…

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  • Starting My New Garden

    The last few weeks have been a whirlwind! With the hustle and bustle of moving, I’ve had my hands full taking care of all sorts – from mowing freshly-cut grass with an unexpected lawnmower gift to tending newly transplanted plants. This new task was made even more challenging by having little time for gardening amongst…

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  • Courgettes

    Courgettes On The Way

    After a race against the clock to get them planted out, I’m overjoyed that my Courgette ‘Black Beauty’ plants are thriving! Their beautiful blossoms have started turning into actual courgettes – an exciting reminder of their delicious potential. With just a bit of warmth and moisture, the courgette blossoms will burst into bloom with succulent…

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  • Pinching Out The Sweet Peas

    After a few weeks of waiting, my patience has been rewarded: the sweet pea seedlings have arrived. Nine Royal Mixed and seven Cupani plants are already sprouting – their leaves unfurling like tiny green flags in celebration! With luck, more may join them soon; however I’m sure these eager Royal Mixtures will keep on growing…

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  • Tulips in the Wind

    Despite the fact that I’ve been busy doing a plethora of activities this year, my plants have not forgotten me. The ‘merry crusade’ has already begun with my most recent sowing of new seeds and bulbs in the garden. Although there are no ‘new faces’ just yet, I’ve caught sight of vibrant blooms from Tulip…

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  • Daylily and Snail Attack

    This year, Hemerocallis Bonanza daylilies are thriving like never before! Blooming with vibrant colors and fragrances to savor, these popular plants have become a special highlight of the season. Daylilies are a vibrant species of perennial flowering plants that bring beauty and colour to gardens all over the world. Native to Eurasia, they have naturalized…

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  • Sowing Courgette and Dill

    I’m embarking on an exciting adventure of growing some delicious vegetables! I’ve sown Courgette ‘Black Beauty’ and Dill seeds into pots, as well as Cineraria ‘Maritima Silverdust’ which is actively sprouting. Soon enough, French Bean ‘Blue Lake’ will be added to the mix – a variety that has been successful for me in years past…

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  • Sweet Peas Success

    Sweet peas are flourishing on windowsills across the land, but it’s time to put an end to their growth spurt. At any moment, one will have to confront these green giants and wield a sharp knife in order for them not go overboard! I’m a bit of an oddity in the garden world- I do…

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  • honeycomb frame


    Beekeeping, the art of tending to these buzzing insects, beckons. Bees are creatures of wonder – social, yet solitary in their diligent work ethic. For decades we have been enthralled by the symbolism of bees and their productivity. But why is this hobby so alluring? We venture into the world of honeybees to discover what…

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