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  • Strawberry picking time

    Strawberry Picking Plus Other Jobs

    Picking those first plump and juicy strawberries is a sign that summer has truly arrived. The excitement of wandering through the rows of strawberry plants, searching for the perfect berry, is incomparable. It’s the sweetest treasure hunt you’ll experience all year. And when you take that first bite, it’s like tasting sunshine itself. But picking…

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  • A sweet feast goes sour

    I returned home this afternoon from a day in Leicestershire to find my garden had once again been scorched by the sun and was desperate for nourishment. Amidst its weakened plants, such as my Parsley Japanese ‘Cryptotaenia Japonica’, I noticed an unwelcome pest – hordes of aphids had taken residence on my Sweet Pea ‘Cupani.’…

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  • Cosmos & Foxgloves

    This past weekend, I enhanced my garden’s glory by adding some vibrant Cosmos and Digitalis Primrose Carousel to it. Native mainly to North and South America, these members of the sunflower family make for a gorgeous sight with their amazing array of colourful blooms atop feathery foliage. To make sure that they thrive in my…

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