Bare Root Strawberry Plants




Close up of bare root strawberry plant

In a daring move, I took the plunge two months ago and purchased three risky bare-root strawberries from Wilko. After watching numerous Youtube videos extolling their ease of growth potential, taking this chance seemed like an opportunity not to be missed!

After wishing and hoping for two months, my dreams were left unfulfilled.

Three seemingly doomed pots with nothing more than lifeless straw-like stalks standing within them. Despite having all the necessary ingredients – fresh multipurpose compost and water – in order to flourish, these three plants continue their plight of deathly dormancy. Could it be that I purchased a bag full of dead stock beyond saving?

I’m overjoyed to discover that my older strawberry plants are thriving, with vibrant new foliage emerging. To guarantee a bountiful harvest this year I’ve added some exciting varieties – Strawberry Florence, Alice and Cambridge Favourite! Now it’s just time for Mother Nature to do her part…

Although the experiment in cultivating strawberries with only £2 didn’t work, it was still worth a shot. I’m disappointed at its failure but, thankfully, the cost of disappointment isn’t too high for my wallet – or taste buds!

Have you had success cultivating strawberries from bare roots? Share your stories in the comments and help berry-lovers everywhere become green thumbs!

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