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Sowing time

With winter slowly loosening its grip, I’ve been eager to hit the garden and get ready for spring. From weeding without a care in the world to throwing in some nutrient-rich soil, my 2019 sowing season is officially off and running! Let’s see how bountiful this year will be…

Sowing outdoors

Planting season is in full swing! I recently repopulated a raised bed with two varieties of seed – Broad Bean ‘de Monica’. Despite my earlier endeavors, the seeds failed to sprout so far. So this time around, I scattered some extra compost for luck and am looking forward to June when these new little gems will burst forth from the ground.

After some careful preparation, I can now proudly boast a bed of Parsnip ‘F1 Gladiator’ sown directly into the soil. In addition to this exciting planting venture, I have also managed to successfully dig out any remnants from my previous sowing – signaling success in every direction!

Planting parsnips is like a mysterious box of chocolates – you never know what shape or size you’ll get! From small, turnip-like morsels to long and twisty spirals, each day brings something new. This time around I even got lucky enough to find one that was almost straight from the textbook: no doubt due in part to growing them on trays which encourages speedy root formation for optimal moisture retention. Here’s hoping my luck continues into harvest season!

The propagators are now filling up

In a bid to increase my garden’s potential, I recently made the exciting purchase of a cold frame from Amazon. With this newfound space in hand, I’ve turned to sowing – carefully following every instruction printed on each seed packet! Who knows what magical plants await me?

Sown so far are;

  • Sweet Pea ‘Cupani’
  • Salvia ‘Farinacea Victoria’
  • Antirrhinum ‘Chuckles’ 
  • Cleome ‘Colour Fountain’
  • Rudbeckia ‘Marmalade’
  • Cosmos ‘Sea Shells Mixed’
  • Chenopodium ‘Strawberry Stick’

My garden is full of unique and varied foliage thanks to my green thumb. I’ve had a lot of success with growing many plants, except the Chenopodium which was gifted to me by my sister last year – it came too late for sowing season!

My sister gave me some truly unique seeds as a joke, and I could not resist giving them a go! These odd plants have arrow-shaped leaves plus vibrant little raspberries or strawberries that turn into delicious desserts come autumn. Picture rocket with glued on berries – an intriguing combination for the summer salads! With her notorious track record of comedy presents, it looks like these are here to stay in my garden.

Last year was a trial and error with my Sweet Peas. Despite the scorching summer heat, only one solitary seedling managed to survive against all odds – tucked away in an abandoned pot found in our shed. Replanting this brave soul brought forth months of mesmerizing blooms! Here’s hoping that I can witness the same beauty again this season!

Instead of being left in the shed to amass, a trusty battalion of toilet rolls has been drafted into duty. They provide much-needed support for fragile sweet pea seedlings, allowing them to establish deep roots without disturbance come April’s sowing season.

Give your old toilet roll an extended life as eco-friendly planters! Simply use the extra height of the cardboard tube to fit a few plants and watch them flourish outside in their new home – eventually decomposing into compost.

As the days become brighter, now is the time for nature to bring forth a new season. Radiators hum quietly in preparation as propagated plants and windowsills come alive with color – lush green shoots beginning anew from composted soil!

Gardening is a wonderful way to connect with nature and bring joy into your life. If you are looking for an activity that will bring peace, satisfaction and contentment – look no further than gardening! So until next time, tend to your garden with love and gratitude – it’ll be worth the effort in more ways than one!

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