Buds and Blooms brightening up the garden




A beautiful pink Rose

This morning, I was immersed in the sweet-sounding symphony of birdsong while on a peaceful stroll around my garden. Despite some overnight rain and cooler temperatures, it wasn’t too chilly and made for an enjoyable experience – sipping tea whilst admiring so many flourishing blooms bursting with life!

As the warm season slowly creeps in, my garden is blossoming and preparing to welcome summer with open arms. The vibrant petals of flowers are ready to be illuminated by a generous amount of sunshine!

The Foxgloves

After relocating, I was excited to find that a few stowaway foxgloves had tagged along in the pots at my old place. Little did I know back then when planting those ‘Excelsior Hybrids Mixed’ seeds how much joy they would bring me! Now it seems as though these beautiful blooms will be part of my life forever – looks like this is one garden guest who won’t be going away anytime soon.

Although other plants may have shied away from my shady back garden, these hardy Foxgloves thrived. Even in the darkest part of the yard where less sunshine was able to penetrate through a shadow cast by house and fence alike, they continued to flourish!

Bees joyfully flutter towards the bell-shaped foxgloves as they burst forth with their vibrant spires, reaching ever closer to bright sunshine. In mere days time a blanket of petals will have bloomed across meadows and gardens alike – gifts from nature’s buzzing benefactors!

Foxgloves, a beautiful wildflower with their bell-shaped blooms of purple and pink hues in my garden have been an unforgettable memory. The delicate flowers painted the gardens I’ve known primarily in shades of soft pinks and creams.

Although foxgloves are stunning, they can be hazardous. To stay safe when handling them, wear gloves or make sure to properly wash your hands afterwards – a precaution that applies not only for us humans but our furry friends as well!

The Roses

After giving new life to my old garden, I welcomed a special flower in the form of Rose ‘Just Joey’. Amidst her fragrant peach hue was an ever blooming reminder that this humble plot of land had been given a second chance at beauty. By mid June, it seemed as though she had opened up an entirely new world for us all!une.

Despite its reluctance, this rose has bloomed once more – a tribute to its remarkable resilience and determination.

While it may be giving off an air of reluctance, this rose has defied the odds and bloomed for a second year in succession. Its resilience is not to be underestimated!

The Rose ‘Ernest H Morse’ has flourished, its size increasingly grand but alas at the expense of buds. In contrast stands another Rose in need of additional nourishment for it to strut upon growth and blossom with vibrant joy!

The purple Geranium Himalayense

Nestled in the corner of my garden, a beautiful bluey-purple flower named Geranium ‘Himalayense’ blooms. I planted it last year to honor an old family tradition – one which has been alive for many generations before me!

Although I had some doubts, a few weeks ago my efforts were rewarded when little green sprouts emerged despite the harsh winter’s chilly grip.

After a long absence, two beautiful flowers welcomed an old friend back to my garden this morning — just outside the backdoor. With great pleasure, I was able to reunite with it in its special corner of the garden!


I recently stepped into the local market and walked away with a trio of Aquilegia plants, but so far they’ve stayed in their pots due to the summer heat. Armed only with my garden gloves and knowledge that these beauties prefer shade over sun, I’m cautiously waiting for chillier conditions before settling them out in open soil.

Two Aquilegia varieties have come to life, offering a delightful combination of colors. ‘Spring Magic White’ is displaying its grace with lovely white blooms while ‘Winky Red-White’ adds an attractive splash of red and white blossoms to the garden!

It’s puzzling why the Aquilegia department chose to name their flower ‘Winky Red-White’ on what must have been an uneventful day. They could have gone with more creative options like Crimson, Love, Blush or Heart – but they didn’t!

Over the course of months, I have been tending to my Aquilegia ‘McKana Group’ plant with growing anticipation – and now it’s finally time for us both to witness its beautiful blooms. This is also the same variety that I had tenaciously attempted to cultivate from seed in a very unconventional place…the back of my fridge!

The other day, I was graced with a beautiful butterfly – its variety still unknown as it zipped around in the golden rays of sunshine. But soon enough my window sills will be crowded no longer by potted plants waiting to bloom outside; rather they’ll make way for an array of blossoms, vegetables and fruit! Gardening is truly a reminder that beauty blooms where we least expect it. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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